Mark Webb (TheWebbieShow) - The British Drift Championship - Round 2

Mark Webb (TheWebbieShow) - The British Drift Championship - Round 2

After missing out on round one of the British Drift Championship due to gear box issues, we then pushed forward to make it to round two.

Unfortunately leading into round two the funds were not there for me until I had a phone call of Kendal from SuperDrift. Kendal asked if I was attending round two where I told her it was out of my budget. At that point Kendal stepped up and said she would take care of everything to help me get to round two of the British Drift Championship.

Then the last minute rush was on to get the car ready in time two nights before leaving. What with suffering with heat issues in the little JZ we stayed up for two late nights in a row fitting an oil cooler and fans to try and extract heat on the JZ.

We got the car ready and Kendal transferred the funds and just like that we were on our way (running late as usual).

We turn up at Teeside after a whole night of driving due to roadworks closing off most of the main routes.  I made it to briefing on time and got the car scrutineered and then got myself on track.

After 4 runs in practice the car developed a misfire witch left us running around trying to find spark plugs and coil packs.

Fortunately Kendal was on hand to take care of it again what with the help of Arlen Davies and Liam Smith. Before I even had a chance to pick up tools the coil packs were already changed and we were ready back out for qualifying. I get called up for qualifying and I haven’t had a completely decent run in the 4 runs that I have done! Not to mention I haven’t drove the car since Matsuri! 

I go out for my qualifying run and I nail all the clips fairly fast and fairly consistent. I am on to a good run! Coming through the last turn it’s a slow part of the track and to get through that part of the track in 3rd gear it requires a few clutch kicks. It was in this moment it appeared I had shut down the car in the eyes of the judges and spectators but this wasn’t the case. As my clutch had got so hot that it welded itself to the flywheel witch left me bogging with no clutch kick causing me to straighten out of the last turn!

We quickly headed over to the DriftWorks stand to see Martin Richards where he took a look over my car and quickly confirmed that the problem was the clutch in-fact welded itself to the fly wheel! Unfortunately that was the end of my weekend. 


I want to say a massive THANK-YOU to Kendal the owner of SuperDrift, Poppy, Arlen and Liam and all of my sponsors Superdrift, TOYO TIRES and Japspeed. I hope for better luck for round 3. Thank-you everyone for all of your support and for supporting the people that support me.

Mark Webb | @TheWebbieShow

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